Ernestine says, "Pools of Hope Keeps Me Dancing!" Ernestine's been dancing in the waters of hope for over 10 years.
V. says, "I got to have my water exercise in the morning…its better than a cup of coffee." You will find Mary at California Pools of Hope five days a week having her morning coffee substitute.
My A1C blood sugar was 8.2 four months ago. Now, its 6.6 and I’ve also lost 10 lbs. I’m sure it’s from coming to the Pool of Hope to swim two times a week. This is a very special place and such a blessing to so many people. - B
My wife and I had found swimming to be the form of recreation and fitness for our daughter. However, a cloud of uncertainty enshrouded us given my daughter's diagnosis of autism. However, after some several swimming lessons, we were surprised to see her swim in the 8-foot deep end of your pool. - B

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Each year, our warm water pools provide rehabilitation and wellness to over 1500 children with developmental disabilities, veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities. Our warm water pools are credited with helping people to improve their physical and mental wellness.

Your donation will support our efforts in providing our therapeutic aquatic and wellness programs help individuals live their best life.

"I love the pool and it helps me to feel free from my cerebral palsy. I wish I could live in the water ." -D