I love the pool and wish I could live in the warm water because I feel so free. --8 year-old Desiree Sullivan has cerebral palsy

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Give Hope and Enrich lives

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Give Hope and Enrich Lives

The Pools of Hope program is made possible by donations from the community. Over 50% of the people we serve received discounted memberships due their low economic status.

When you make a donation to the Pools of Hope, you will share the gift of aquatic therapy so that even a person with a catastrophic condition like a quadriplegic can explore the miraculous power of warm water therapy and experience freedom. Freedom to move without limitation...freedom to move without pain and discomfort…freedom to live their best life!...freedom to move...freedom to live without pain and discomfort, freedom to live a quality life.

Your donation, which is tax deductible, will touch the lives of many in a powerful and lasting way. Pools of Hope will acknowledge all donations in writing.

Thank you for being a friend to the Pools of Hope!

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