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Pools of Hope

Our Mission

Mission: To provide a warm water facility promoting whole life wellness in our community.

Evelyn Dupont We are dedicated to providing accessible and affordable aquatic therapeutic programs to the community. The Pools of Hope services enable those unable to participate in land-based rehabilitation and exercise activities, an opportunity to engage in health promotion and disease prevention programs in a therapeutic, injury-free environment.

Our History

The Pools of Hope history began in 1956 with the support of the community, a dedicated civic leader (Evelyn duPont) and a small backyard pool. Ms. duPont had developed polio as an adult and was rehabilitating through aquatic therapy. Her rehabilitation inspired her to open her pool to provide free swim lessons to children with disabilities. 

In 1963, the organization was incorporated and purchased an outdoor pool facility located at 6801 Long Beach Boulevard, in Long Beach, CA. In 1977, a major renovation was completed to enclose the facility allowing for year-round usage. The not for profit corporation later became the California Pools for the Handicapped and in 1996, the California Pools of Hope, Inc. (CPH), and in 2009 the California Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Center, Inc.  In recent years, the organization incorporated the DBA of Pools of Hope.

Want To Help?

Each year, our warm water pools provide rehabilitation and wellness to over 1500 children with developmental disabilities, veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities. Our warm water pools are credited with helping people to improve their physical and mental wellness.

Your donation will support our efforts in providing our therapeutic aquatic and wellness programs help individuals live their best life.

"I love the pool and it helps me to feel free from my cerebral palsy. I wish I could live in the water ." -D